Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cheers to Lily!

Happy Birthday, Lily!

Today marks Miss Lily's 9th birthday! I love this little diva dog more than words can say. She's been by my side through so much...and I could not ask for a better companion. The unconditional love that she has for us is priceless. Her excitement to see us after we've been gone all day just melts my heart. I wouldn't trade Miss Lily for anything in the world. She is truly a member of our family.

Lily's world was rocked about seven months ago when we brought her baby brother home from the hospital. She may possibly be just a little bit jealous of all the time and attention that we give to Huston, but she is a very protective PuppySister. We often find her just lying in the doorway of his room when he's asleep in his crib. #GuardDog. She loves the attention that H gives her {he wants to pull her hair play with her so much!}, but she opts to stay just outside of his reach. #SmartDog

Meeting her baby brother for the first time

This year for her birthday, we'll celebrate with some special doggy treats {which she'll only eat the frosting off of}, she has a beauty appointment with the mobile groomers {thanks Grammy}, and she's getting a brand new Jayhawk ID tag {the old one is looking a little worn after almost nine years}. Cheers to our sweet diva dog and another fabulous year. We know this coming year is going to be a good Huston learns to "share" his food with our sweet Lily Belle!

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We love you, Lily Belle!