Friday, April 15, 2016

Cheers to 33!

Happy 33rd Birthday, Ryan!

Dear Ryan,

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Babe! Another year has come and gone...and what an incredible year it was! You became a daddy...and watching you love, care for and interact with our little man brings me greater joy than you will ever know. I knew you were going to be a great father, but you've far surpassed all of my expectations. In the birthday letter I wrote to you last year, it was my hope that our baby boy would look just like you. My wish obviously came true, as Huston is truly your little "Mini Me," and I'm so lucky to be the wife/mom to such handsome guys!

Thank you for being you...a strong, honest, hard-working, kind, patient, generous, loving gentleman. I could fill a book with positive adjectives that describe you. Point being, you are truly an amazing man...and I am beyond grateful to be sharing this life with you. The best part of our story is that it's just getting started...we've got so much to experience in the years that lie ahead, and I couldn't imagine being on this journey with anyone but you! I know there will be bumps in the road ahead, but I honestly believe there is nothing that we can't overcome as long as we stick together as a team. I'm also well aware that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so please know that I cherish every moment that we share {even the not-so-pleasant moments...I just cherish those in hindsight!} and never take you or our little family for granted. 

You are one extraordinary man, Ryan Martin...and I love you with all that I am. I wish you the happiest birthday possible because you deserve the very best! Cheers to 33! May this next year be as great as the last! I love you!

Cheers to 33!