Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nine Months

Nine months.  Our baby boy is three quarters of a year old!  What a fun month this has been...chasing the little midget man around everywhere as he crawls at lightning speed. He keeps us on our toes these days, that's for sure!

Out of 3,742 pictures, this is the best we got this month...

And of course I have to share a few outtakes...

A few notes from Huston's ninth month of life...
  • At his nine-month well visit this afternoon, Huston weighed 17 pounds, 12 ounces {18th percentile} and was 27.4 inches long {15th percentile}. Obviously our "unofficial height estimate" was a little off last month or his constant wiggling resulted in a short measurement today {likely a combination of both!} because I'm 110% certain that our baby didn't shrink in length. He's healthy and growing, and that's all that matters! 
  • He's all over the place in terms of clothing size. He can still wear 6-month sized shorts, but most of his tops/onesies are 9-months. He requires 12-month pajamas for the length to keep from scrunching up his long legs. We bought his first pair of tennis shoes this month. Momma had to do a little research to understand infant/baby/toddler shoe sizes, but we figured out that a size 3 fits perfectly right now. Still in size 3 diapers and likely will be for at least the next few weeks.
    • He takes anywhere from 24-30 ounces of milk per day, divided among five bottles. His bottles are about half breast milk and half formula. He's getting much better at taking formula, which is a good thing because this momma is no longer producing any breast milk. My supply slowly decreased to the point where the last day I pumped, I produced a TOTAL of 4.1 ounces...for the entire day! A part of me hates that my body couldn't keep up with his nutritional needs, but another part of me is really proud that I made it nine months {less 5 days}. We've got a stash of frozen breast milk that should get us through another month or so if we continue to make "half and half" bottles.  On the "real food" front, the little man is an eating machine. I think he's on the verge of being over pureés, but he'll still eat them if that's the only thing we offer him. However, if we also offer him tiny "bites" of food, he most definitely prefers that over the mashed up pureés. And he likes to do the bites himself.  He's really good with the "pincer grasp," and it's surprised me how much better he's gotten at actually getting the bites into his mouth over the last couple of weeks. His aim has definitely improved! Most days he eats about 12 ounces of real food.   
    Eatin' some bites  5/8/2016
    • New foods we introduced this month: Cheerios, watermelon, scrambled eggs, cheese, lemons {we gave him a wedge just to see his reaction, and he actually liked it!}.
    • He has definitely overcome his {short-lived} fear of the bathtub. Our little guy pulls himself up to the side of the tub to watch it fill up...and if a toy falls in, he'd go in right after it if we didn't have a hold on him! Once he's in the water he loves to splash around and play with his toys {his favorites are the stacking cups}. I think he'd be totally fine if he didn't have a single toy though because his very favorite thing to do is take a sopping wet washcloth and wave it around in the air like a flag...flinging water everywhere! #BoysWillBeBoys   
    • He usually goes down for bed somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 pm. We rock and sing lullabies while he takes his last bottle of the day. He's almost always nearly asleep by the time his bottle is gone, so I just put him down in his crib and he puts himself to sleep. On the rare occasion that he's still wide awake after he's finished his bottle, I still put him in his crib. He may fuss for a minute or two, but he typically just talks to himself and plays with his monkey or crinkly book that's in his crib. He's almost always asleep within five minutes. 
    • He's been waking up between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am off and on this past month. In the beginning I think he was going through a growth spurt because it took a bottle {which he guzzled!} to calm him down and get him back to sleep.  Then I think it just became a habit to wake up at that time. After he refused the bottle a couple of nights in a row, Ryan convinced me that we needed to let him be for five minutes to see if he'd go back to sleep on his own before rushing in there to soothe him. Most of the time he does go back to sleep before five minutes pass...but if he's still awake and crying after five minutes, then I go to his rescue and rock him back to sleep. {#PushoverMomma}   
    • His napping pattern is still the same as last month. Most days he sleeps about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon...but there are the occasional days when he'll sleep for two hours! 
    Napping on the couch like a big kid  #INapWhereIWant
    • Early in the month he got to where he could sit on his own from any position. He learned pretty quickly how to fall to his tush after he's pulled himself up to one of his push/walking toys or the furniture. And speaking of pulling himself up to toys/'s all he does! He wants to be standing ALL.THE.TIME. We're a little worried that he tends to be on his tippy toes most of the time {he gets it from his momma}, so we're trying to work with him to stay flat-footed. We fear that we may have an early walker because he can stroll around the furniture without any problems. He's starting to test letting go of whatever is supporting him, but he isn't quite sure about that and quickly returns his little arms to the furniture to regain support and stability. For now he's content with that, but I have a feeling independent steps may be just around the corner!
    • Our little man is a speed-crawler. The kid is FAST...and he loves for someone to chase him! {He also loves to chase people when he's in his walker...which isn't always fun when he bashes into your ankles or runs over your toe!} Sometimes he gets so excited while playing his "chase" game that it sounds like he's hyperventilating {this gave Daddy quite a scare one Monday afternoon!}.
    • Getting him dressed/changing his diapers is like an Olympic event! No matter what we use to try to distract him, the wiggle worm fights hard to get away and refuses to be still. {Can someone please throw me a bone and tell me this stage won't last much longer?!!?}
    • He's pretty vocal with squeaks, squeals, grunts, oohs and ahhs, but he hasn't voiced many consonant sounds. No "dada" or "mama" yet, but he does have "ba," "ga" and the "p" sound down...and on constant repeat!  Oh! I almost forgot...the little guy can seriously whistle...  
      • He turns to acknowledge when someone calls his name...and he's somewhat responsive to the word "No!"
      • Things he finds hilarious: hiccups {when other people have them}, fake coughs {which he imitates when he wants attention}, animal sounds {especially the monkey}.
      • He learned how to clap this month, and now he claps for himself when we praise him or get excited about anything. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
      • He's started giving kisses on, slobbery kisses that are the sweetest sugars I've ever received! 
      • His top two front teeth broke through his gums at the same time {just two days ago}, so he now has a total of FOUR TEETH!
      See my teeth???  5/8/2016

      A few more things that took place during Huston's ninth month...
      • He helped bake a birthday cake for Daddy...
      • ...and celebrated Daddy's 33rd birthday...

      #Daddy'sBirthday 4/15/2016

      • He found the stairs...

      • Grammy came to visit, and we went to the Children's Garden at the Arboretum...

      • We attended Olivia's first birthday party...

      A few more pics from Huston's ninth month of life...

      Riding the Rocking Airplane  4/13/2016

      Loving the bubbles at library class  4/18/2016

      Playing with Eating the wooden blocks  4/26/2016

      Cashed out after a walk around the neighborhood  4/20/2016

      Posing with Momma  4/23/2016

      #HappyBoy  4/28/2016

      #AllSmiles  4/29/2016

      "Helping" Momma & Daddy plant flowers  5/1/2016

      Obsessed with the Giraffe WubbaNub....and it doesn't have to be the paci part!

      Early mornings with Daddy  5/11/2016

      Dear Huston,

      Today you are nine months old...39 weeks and one day, to be exact.  That means you've been a part of this big crazy world almost as long as I carried you inside of me. I'm still astonished by the miracle of that whole process...but I will never question it...I'll just continue to thank the Lord every single day that He chose us to be your parents. You are our greatest blessing, baby boy.

      I experienced my first "I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but I can't hold it in" moment this month. You have this fake cough that you do when you want a little attention, and then you follow it up with an ear-to-ear grin. We don't want to encourage your fake coughing antics, but sometimes it's just too much for me to handle. One evening I got to laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my face...and the more I laughed the more you "coughed." I can't help but wonder if you're going to be a little comedian.

      Last night your daddy and I sat in bed and watched videos from the past nine months. The videos from your first few weeks of life would be boring to most people because you're just laying there looking/cooing at us, but we treasure them and will watch them over and over and over again just to remember how teeny tiny you once were. We would watch a video from a few months back and then immediately watch one from just this past's amazing how fast you grow and change! I'm so very grateful we've captured those short little clips of daily life. Even after just nine months, we already realize how important it is to document the little moments because those little, seemingly insignificant moments are ultimately what memories are made of. Please don't be annoyed with us as you grow up and we always have a camera in your face. Time has already proven that it will fly by...and the pictures and videos we have are truly priceless possessions.

      Thank you for making the past nine months the best of our lives. You are the center of our world, sweet boy. We love you more than life!

      Love you always,

      Monday, May 9, 2016

      Mother's Day 2016

      My first Mother's Day was perfect...a very laid back, relaxing day spent with my little family. 

      Mother's Day 2016

      We went to church at our usual time {the 8:45 am service}...where our little wiggle worm managed to entertain all of the people surrounding us.  H is actually pretty quiet during the church service, but over the past few weeks the kid has been squirming between Ryan and me like it's his job. Yesterday we figured out that feeding him Cheerios will pacify him for a little while...but once he gets bored with that, then he's right back to flirting with the little girl sitting behind us!  

      After church we brunched, and this little guy ate ALL the fruit in sight...

      We had planned to spend part of the afternoon outside, but every time we thought about venturing out, it started to rain. What does a momma do when she's already buckled the babe {who LOVES to go for walks} in the stroller only to realize it's raining outside? Well...walk in laps around the living room and through the kitchen, of course! 

      Our non-napping little man actually slept for an hour and a half...maybe even two hours, I lost track of time. It was long enough that I was continuously checking on him though because we're definitely not used to extended periods of sleep during the daylight hours around our house. I caught a short little nap myself {fabulous Mother's Day gift!}, and Ryan and I were actually able to get some stuff done around the house that is impossible to do while H is getting into everything awake.

      Although we weren't able to celebrate with our moms in person this year, H was able to FaceTime with both Grammy and Grandma Jo. He's getting better at the whole FaceTime least we didn't hang up on either one of them! {He likes to try to grab their faces through the phone, and it oftentimes ends up with a disconnected call.}

      All in all, it was an incredible Sunday being pampered by my boys with gifts and, more importantly, all the love in the world! They sure know how to make a momma feel loved and appreciated. As I posted yesterday on Instagram, I thank the Lord every single day that I get to be this little man's momma...and that I get to travel this parenting journey with Ryan. Mother's Day 2016: it was a perfect day!  

      Oh, and I capped the day off with this teeny, tiny piece of cherry pie...

      Mother's Day 2016

      Friday, May 6, 2016

      Motherhood: My Greatest Gift

      Mother's Day.  

      It's always been a special day for me because I'm very close to my mom and love any excuse to celebrate her...and in recent years it's been even more meaningful as I've been able to celebrate my mother-in-law as well {I truly am one of those lucky girls who gained a fabulous mother-in-law when I got married}. This year brings about all types of new emotions as it marks my first Mother’s Day with a child of my own.

      As Mother’s Day approaches I’ve been reflecting on the past 8.5 months, and I’ve come to the conclusion there really aren’t words to relay how overwhelmingly awesome this whole “being a mom” gig is for me. Motherhood is the greatest gift I've ever been given. Nothing in my life thus far has been more astounding…no greater challenge…no love so profound. 

      To keep with the "Five on Friday" theme, here are a few of the emotions I experience each and every day…

      Unconditional Love: there is absolutely nothing in this world that could hinder the love that I feel for our baby boy. That saying about children being equivalent to your heart walking around outside your statement has ever been truer {even though my external heart isn't walking just yet!}. The love that I feel for that tiny little babe is so intense that sometimes it almost hurts. It brings tears to my eyes…happy tears, tears of joy, thankful tears. I now know exactly what my mom meant when she continuously told me, “nothing compares to a mother’s love.”

      Amazement: sometimes I look at him and still find myself in shock and amazement that he's here and that he's ours. He's so perfect and innocent. His growth and development...the way he teaches himself how do to things {roll over, sit up, crawl} all just amazes me.

      Fear: it absolutely terrifies me that this little boy's entire life is in our hands. We are fully responsible for teaching him right from wrong, good from bad...molding him into the man he will become. Will we do it right? Where is the instruction manual for raising a respectful, hard-working, loving gentleman? Perhaps I'll ask my mother-in-law for that manual because I'd be more-than-proud for my son to grow up to treat his wife and family {and everyone around him} like his daddy treats us.

      Gratitude: I thank the Lord every single day for blessing us with the privilege of being Huston's parents. We definitely do not take for granted that we have a healthy, happy baby boy. 

      Mom-Guilt: Although it's gotten a little bit easier over the past couple of months, a part of my heart still hurts every single weekday when I leave the house in the morning to go to work. Our little guy is in great hands at home with Maria {we're beyond grateful for our incredible nanny!}, but I want to be the one who is there with him day-in and day-out. A part of me knows that being a full-time working mom makes me a better, more-engaged mom during the time that I do have with him...but that still doesn't take away those feelings of wishing I could be at home with him all the time. I don't let these feelings overwhelm me too often because I'm proud of the "professional woman/working mom" example I'm setting for our son. And like I said when I came back to work, I truly believe that spending QUALITY time with him over quantity of time makes me a better momma.

      To my sweet Baby Huston: I wouldn't be celebrating this holiday if it weren't for you. Thank you for making me a momma. I love you beyond measure! 

      Happy Mother's Day!

      Thursday, May 5, 2016

      Thursday Confessional

      Happy Thursday, friends! Today I'm linking up with Lynn for a little confessional!

      I confess...
      • I'm still writing "4" as the month when I write out the date...can someone please tell me how it's already May?!!?  #SlowDownTime
      • I cannot believe this baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD today!  Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia! We love you so very much and can't wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend! #CincodeMayoBaby #BestFriend'sBaby
        Photo Credit: Rosy Posie Photography
      • I remember the days when Cinco de Mayo was referred to as Cinco de Drinko {oh college!} and celebrated with mass consumption of margaritas and Coronas. I now celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little consuming all the chips and salsa in site! #NoShame
      • I'm still watching Real Housewives of Dallas. I want so badly to like it...but it's pretty terrible. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I'm so disappointed with what I've seen so far. I'm pretty sure the only reason I've continued watching through four episodes is because it's my city and I'm  holding out to see people I know. #I'llKeepWatching
      • We were three diapers away from completely running out. It's a sad story when you have to tell the nanny to raid the diaper bag stash to get through the day. #ParentingFail
      • I'm starting to panic brainstorm ideas for H's first birthday...which is 3.5 months away. Any fun ideas??? #CrazyMomma 

      What do YOU have to confess???