Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My first Mother's Day was perfect...a very laid back, relaxing day spent with my little family. 

Mother's Day 2016

We went to church at our usual time {the 8:45 am service}...where our little wiggle worm managed to entertain all of the people surrounding us.  H is actually pretty quiet during the church service, but over the past few weeks the kid has been squirming between Ryan and me like it's his job. Yesterday we figured out that feeding him Cheerios will pacify him for a little while...but once he gets bored with that, then he's right back to flirting with the little girl sitting behind us!  

After church we brunched, and this little guy ate ALL the fruit in sight...

We had planned to spend part of the afternoon outside, but every time we thought about venturing out, it started to rain. What does a momma do when she's already buckled the babe {who LOVES to go for walks} in the stroller only to realize it's raining outside? Well...walk in laps around the living room and through the kitchen, of course! 

Our non-napping little man actually slept for an hour and a half...maybe even two hours, I lost track of time. It was long enough that I was continuously checking on him though because we're definitely not used to extended periods of sleep during the daylight hours around our house. I caught a short little nap myself {fabulous Mother's Day gift!}, and Ryan and I were actually able to get some stuff done around the house that is impossible to do while H is getting into everything awake.

Although we weren't able to celebrate with our moms in person this year, H was able to FaceTime with both Grammy and Grandma Jo. He's getting better at the whole FaceTime least we didn't hang up on either one of them! {He likes to try to grab their faces through the phone, and it oftentimes ends up with a disconnected call.}

All in all, it was an incredible Sunday being pampered by my boys with gifts and, more importantly, all the love in the world! They sure know how to make a momma feel loved and appreciated. As I posted yesterday on Instagram, I thank the Lord every single day that I get to be this little man's momma...and that I get to travel this parenting journey with Ryan. Mother's Day 2016: it was a perfect day!  

Oh, and I capped the day off with this teeny, tiny piece of cherry pie...

Mother's Day 2016

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