Friday, May 6, 2016

Motherhood: My Greatest Gift

Mother's Day.  

It's always been a special day for me because I'm very close to my mom and love any excuse to celebrate her...and in recent years it's been even more meaningful as I've been able to celebrate my mother-in-law as well {I truly am one of those lucky girls who gained a fabulous mother-in-law when I got married}. This year brings about all types of new emotions as it marks my first Mother’s Day with a child of my own.

As Mother’s Day approaches I’ve been reflecting on the past 8.5 months, and I’ve come to the conclusion there really aren’t words to relay how overwhelmingly awesome this whole “being a mom” gig is for me. Motherhood is the greatest gift I've ever been given. Nothing in my life thus far has been more astounding…no greater challenge…no love so profound. 

To keep with the "Five on Friday" theme, here are a few of the emotions I experience each and every day…

Unconditional Love: there is absolutely nothing in this world that could hinder the love that I feel for our baby boy. That saying about children being equivalent to your heart walking around outside your statement has ever been truer {even though my external heart isn't walking just yet!}. The love that I feel for that tiny little babe is so intense that sometimes it almost hurts. It brings tears to my eyes…happy tears, tears of joy, thankful tears. I now know exactly what my mom meant when she continuously told me, “nothing compares to a mother’s love.”

Amazement: sometimes I look at him and still find myself in shock and amazement that he's here and that he's ours. He's so perfect and innocent. His growth and development...the way he teaches himself how do to things {roll over, sit up, crawl} all just amazes me.

Fear: it absolutely terrifies me that this little boy's entire life is in our hands. We are fully responsible for teaching him right from wrong, good from bad...molding him into the man he will become. Will we do it right? Where is the instruction manual for raising a respectful, hard-working, loving gentleman? Perhaps I'll ask my mother-in-law for that manual because I'd be more-than-proud for my son to grow up to treat his wife and family {and everyone around him} like his daddy treats us.

Gratitude: I thank the Lord every single day for blessing us with the privilege of being Huston's parents. We definitely do not take for granted that we have a healthy, happy baby boy. 

Mom-Guilt: Although it's gotten a little bit easier over the past couple of months, a part of my heart still hurts every single weekday when I leave the house in the morning to go to work. Our little guy is in great hands at home with Maria {we're beyond grateful for our incredible nanny!}, but I want to be the one who is there with him day-in and day-out. A part of me knows that being a full-time working mom makes me a better, more-engaged mom during the time that I do have with him...but that still doesn't take away those feelings of wishing I could be at home with him all the time. I don't let these feelings overwhelm me too often because I'm proud of the "professional woman/working mom" example I'm setting for our son. And like I said when I came back to work, I truly believe that spending QUALITY time with him over quantity of time makes me a better momma.

To my sweet Baby Huston: I wouldn't be celebrating this holiday if it weren't for you. Thank you for making me a momma. I love you beyond measure! 

Happy Mother's Day!