Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leslie Loves...{3.04}

Perhaps this post should really be titled "Ryan Loves...," but I don't have a graphic for that {plus we all know I'm a fan of alliteration}, so we'll just stick with "Leslie Loves..."

The GreenPan

12-inch GreenPan with lid

Let's talk about how odd it is that I am raving about a cooking utensil. It's ok, you can go ahead and laugh...but don't dismiss this post just because you think know I am not exactly an expert in the kitchen. I promise this really is a legit "love" of mine {when it comes to cleaning it} AND Ryan's {when it comes to actually using it}.

Let me give you a little backstory regarding our pots and pans. I bought a ridiculously-expensive, super-shiny stainless steel set back when I lived by myself {from RueLaLa, of course!} because I wanted them to look pretty hanging on the rack above the island in my kitchen. They served that purpose very well, but I should probably note that they didn't get a whole lot of use on the stove. I wasn't about to part with my fancy cookware, so Ryan got rid of most of his when he moved to Texas. Turns out, when actually put to daily use, my beautiful pots and pans aren't exactly ideal for they're a nightmare to clean! My incredibly patient husband never complained, but I did notice that he used his tiny egg pan whenever possible just because it was so much easier.

I first heard of the GreenPan from Ryan's sister, Lacey, last year at my baby shower. She was going on and on about how nothing sticks to it, how easy it is to clean...and how affordable it is. I kind of forgot about that conversation, but my mom didn't! She bought a GreenPan for herself, and then she started singing its praises. Ryan used it once at her house and was adamant that he needed one. He finally got his own GreenPan for Christmas.

Sooooo....what's so fabulous about the GreenPan?
  • It truly is non-stick.  Food slides right out of the pan. No joke.
  • Cleaning it is a breeze.  It says that it is dishwasher safe, but I've been instructed by the husband not to put it in the dishwasher. It seriously takes me less time to completely hand wash {and dry} the GreenPan than it used to take me to just rinse the other pans before putting them in the dishwasher.
  • It is affordable {all of these links are to Amazon because that was the best price as of 6/15/2016}:

10-inch GreenPan

While doing some research for the best prices for the pans, I found this review that is incredibly helpful regarding how to care for your GreenPan to ensure that it lasts.  You should check out the full review, but here are the highlights:

"You should NOT baby these pans when cleaning them! I'm not suggesting breaking out a wire scrub brush, but you absolutely SHOULD use the abrasive side of a sponge. I also highly recommend scrubbing with baking soda once every several cooking sessions. Even when the pan looks clean, there is often a very thin layer of fat. The baking soda will strip it right off and revive the pan's nonstick quality. To do this I put a very small amount of water in the bottom of the pan, add enough baking soda to absorb most of it, and then scrub with a paper towel. You'll be shocked by how yellow the baking soda gets. Repeat until it comes out just as white as it went in.

Should you burn something in the pan or otherwise need to remove something really stuck in there, baking soda is also a great choice. Add a larger amount of water to the pan, quite a bit of baking soda, and then boil over high heat until the baking soda dries out. Now scrub the dried soda out with a paper towel and the vast majority of whatever you've burned in there will come right off.


One final note: I see a lot of people mentioning that their food sticks "even when cooking at low heat" and that is in fact a huge part of the problem! Low heat gives proteins more time to bond with the surface of the pan. It only makes things worse. If you want to sear something, do it on high heat. Because once again, unlike a Teflon pan, these can handle it."  --Adam Machanic's review on Amazon

Whether you are a master chef like my husband or someone with limited cooking skills like me {hey, in my own defense, I do have a few meals that I can throw together if need be...and I bake much better than I cook!}, the GreenPan will work for you. My household is living proof!  :)

8-inch GreenPan

Have you used the GreenPan? 

Are you a fan?

Happy Cooking!


  1. Thanks to Lacey for sharing the green Pan. I love mine.

  2. I have not heard of this but it sounds like a great husband present!!

  3. I've never heard of this... but I think I need it in my life! I love a good non-stick pan that isn't a complete pain to clean.

  4. I don't even like to cook and I think I want a green pan!! Cool!

  5. I don't even like to cook and I think I want a green pan!! Cool!

  6. Oooo... Sounds like the perfect pan! I love to get things in my home that are "cleaner"