Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ten Months

I seriously feel like I just posted H's nine-month is it that another month has already passed? I'm beside myself that our baby boy is already 10 months old...but, on the other hand, I love love love how fun this stage of his little life is {and it seems to get a little more fun/exciting/exhausting each and every day!}.

My favorite outtakes... 

A few notes from Huston's tenth month of life...
  • Based on our far-from-official estimates, we think he weighs about 18.5 pounds and measures about 29 inches long. 
  • He's wearing 9-12 month tops and jammies...but he's still in 6-month sized shorts to keep them up around his skinny little waist.  Still in size 3 diapers.
    • Baby boy must have hit a growth spurt halfway through the month because he became an eating machine! We increased his bottles to 6 ounces each {from 5 ounces}, and he takes five of those each day.  He doesn't usually take all of his last bottle of the day, so he gets anywhere from 26-30 ounces of milk in total per day. We've slowly been decreasing the amount of breast milk while increasing the amount of formula {Enfamil Gentlease} in his bottles, so our stockpiled stash of frozen breast milk has gotten us through this month...but we're nearing the end. I've snuck in a couple of formula-only bottles, and he seems to do fine {as long as he's hungry!}, so I think we'll survive when the breast milk is gone.
    • Speaking of his bottles, we've got a lazy baby who refuses to hold his bottle himself. He held his own bottle for a couple of weeks back when he was six months old...but now he wants someone to do it for him. I don't really mind this because I'm totally fine with the extra cuddle time while I feed him, and it doesn't concern me too much since he can hold his own sippy perhaps I am enabling his laziness.
    • He's still content eating pure├ęs for the most part, but he definitely prefers real "bites" that he can pick up with his fingers and eat himself. Last week he started blowing raspberries after we'd give him a spoonful of food...WHAT.A.MESS! I laughed the first time {big mistake!}, and then I was like a broken record stuck on the word "No!" for the next 6,234 bites. Thank goodness that only lasted about three days! Now he's obsessed with the airplane method of eating. He cracks up every.single.time I pretend the spoon is an airplane and opens his little mouth as wide as he possibly can. While it's pretty adorable to watch/hear him laugh and very effective at getting him to eat more food, my arm gets really tired by about the 10th bite! {maybe he gets his laziness from his momma?!!?Most days he eats about 15-20 ounces of real food in addition to his bottles. 
    Enjoying some Cheerios  5/19/2016
    • New foods we introduced this month: strawberries, pineapple, grapes {cut in fourths, of course!}, tomatoes, toast, chicken {Fail! He chewed on it FOR-EV-ER, almost like it was gum, until I fished it out of his mouth}, ground beef {he only likes it if it's properly seasoned}, and pretty much a tiny bite of anything that Momma and Daddy are eating.
    • Although he never acted like he felt bad, we're pretty sure he had a bit of a stomach bug this past month...solely based on the significant increase in the number of dirty diapers he had each day. Our pediatrician suggested we try a probiotic {we used Gerber Soothe Colic Drops}, and he seemed to be back to normal in a few days.  And then a few days later he projectile vomited all over Daddy...twice! We gave him a little bit of Gatorade {because he hated the Pedialyte} to keep him hydrated and a few extra snuggles because that's just what mommas do, and he was as good as new the next day.
    • His sleep schedule is pretty consistent these days. He goes down at night between 7:00-7:30, and pretty much sleeps through the night. If he does wake up, he's able to self-soothe and be back asleep within two or three minutes. His wake-up time ranges from 5:00-7:00 am. If it's before 6:30 am, we give him a bottle and then he'll go back to sleep for and hour or two...but if it's after 6:30 am, then he's usually wide awake and ready to start his day. We've made a little headway on the nap front! Sometimes he'll take short {20-40 minute} naps in both the morning and afternoon...but more often than not, he'll skip the morning nap and take a longer nap {1.5-2 hours} right after lunch. He's figured out that Maria will sit with him and let him nap on the couch...but Momma and Daddy are the mean ones who make him nap in his crib.
    • Our little man might be a bit of a daddy's boy. He started to cry one afternoon when Ryan gave him to me to hold. It took me a minute to get over my broken heart, but then I realized just how lucky I am that Huston has such an incredible daddy. #GratefulMomma
    • He hasn't attempted to take any steps on his own yet...but he's really good at pushing his walking toy. He's starting to realize that he can stand for a few seconds without support, but he loses his balance when he starts clapping or flailing his arms around.

    • No words yet...just lots of vowel sounds and some serious repetition of "ba" and "pppp." He continues to whistle, and he'll now do it on demand if he hears someone else whistle.
    • Baby boy is really ticklish around his ribs and under his arms. If you want to hear a big belly laugh {or prevent a tantrum during a diaper change}, all it takes is a quick tickle.
    • Newest tricks: giving high fives {or maybe low fives??} and waving bye-bye.

    • Still holding steady with four teeth.

    A few more things that took place during Huston's tenth month...
    • Grandma Jo came to visit, and we took her to the Arboretum...

    •  We took a trip to Kansas to see family and friends...

    H with Grandpa Ted
    Teaching Grammy about golf.
    H with Great-Grandma Lois

    • We spent an evening with Daddy at work...

    The golf course is exhausting!

    • Chris and Linds came to visit... 

    A few more pics from Huston's tenth month of life...

    #BigSmiles   5/15/2016

    #BabyGolfer    5/17/2016

    #LovesBooks   5/18/2016

    #PetTiger   5/18/2016

    #ThoseEyes   5/20/2016

    #ExecutiveBaby    5/20/2016

    #HappyBaby   5/25/2016

    #CuriousBoy   6/1/2016

    #HelpingUnpack    6/4/2016

    #HappyBoy  6/4/2016

    #TheSweetestSmile   6/9/2016

    Dear Huston,

    Oh baby boy, this month you have been ON.THE.MOVE non-stop! From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are a busy little man...exploring every inch of our house, opening cabinets and drawers, just checking everything out. We can barely keep up with you, but we are having the time of our lives trying to. You're just so much fun...and your happy little personality is so contagious. You make it impossible to have a bad day.

    Our house if officially YOUR house, and your daddy and I just happen to live in it. Your "stuff" {i.e. toys} has taken over, but that's ok...we wouldn't want it any other way.  You've really started playing with your toys...and it amazes us how they capture your interest and how you automatically know what to do with them. You are all boy in how you love to make LOUD noises by banging anything and everything on the hardwood floors. You seem to hate conformity, as you are quick to destroy anything that is neatly stacked or put in order. We absolutely adore watching you develop and learn!

    I know I say this every month, but you truly are the center of our world! You bring us so much joy and happiness each and every day. Thank you, sweet boy, for making this the very best journey of our lives! You've taught us so much over the past ten months, and we look forward to all that lies ahead for our little family. We love you more than you will ever comprehend. 

    Love you always,


    1. We have all those books in the picture and love That's not my puppy. Those Nike's are so cute. He is just getting so big and so cute. Enjoy the no walking stage... because wow now E is everywhere and its exhausting!

    2. Ah! Look at him pushing his walker so well! He will be walking in no time at all. Ten months! How?!?!? R loves her some seasoned beef too. ha!

    3. So many changes between 9-10 months but one thing has not changed, he looks exactly like his daddy. Love him.

    4. He is absolutely adorable!!! I love the update! <3