Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Eleven Months

This momma is in serious denial that we're only one month away from our sweet babe's first birthday. It's so very bittersweet! Each and every day we continue to be amazed with something new he does...the miracle of a growing/developing baby is truly just that: a miracle. It's so incredible to witness his "firsts" and get to know his unique little personality, but on the other hand, I just want to freeze time and keep him little. Just like every momma in the history of forever, I'm just going to continue to do all that I can to soak up every little moment and enjoy this incredible ride our baby boy is taking us on. 

A few notes from Huston's eleventh month of life...
  • Another month with no official weight or height measurement, but we're estimating that he weighs about 19 pounds and is somewhere around 29{ish} inches long.
  • He's mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes, but he's in 18-month footie pajamas for the length.  Size 3 diapers. We thought it was about time to transition to size 4, but we quickly found out the 4s are still way too big!
    • Our little man has really increased his intake of "real" food this month, and sometimes it's a bit of a struggle to get him to take as much milk as our pediatrician recommends {minimum of 24 ounces per day}. He's pretty much dropped his last bottle of the day, so we're down to four bottles per day, six ounces each. In the last week or so, we've pretty much transitioned to 100% formula {Enfamil Gentlease}.  I think we've got 3-4 bags of frozen breastmilk saved in case he should get sick and need it to boost his immune system over the next month before we transition to whole milk.  Hopefully he'll stay healthy though, and it'll just be a nice surprise for his last few bottles to be breast milk {because he most definitely still prefers that over formula}.

    Typical Daily Schedule
    5:30 -6:00 am: 6-ounce bottle and then back to sleep
    7:30{ish} am: wake up
    7:45 am: Cheerios while Momma and Daddy eat breakfast
    8:30-9:00 am: 6-ounce bottle
    9:30{ish}: cat nap {usually no longer than 30 minutes}
    10:30 am: oatmeal/fruit
    12:30 pm: 6-ounce bottle
    2:30 pm: fruits/veggies solids or purees
    3:00{ish} pm: nap {if we're lucky he'll sleep for an hour!}
    4:30 pm: 6-ounce bottle
    6:00 pm: fruits/veggies/meats solids or purees
    6:30 pm: bath
    7:00 pm: we offer a bottle, but he usually refuses it
    7:00 - 7:30 pm: bedtime

    • Favorite foods: pretty much any and all fruit {sweet tooth...he gets it from his momma!}, Mum Mum crackers, Cheerios, puffs, cheese quesadillas, macaroni.  
    • He drinks water out of his sippy cups like a pro...but he'd really prefer to drink from Daddy's Yeti or a regular plastic water bottle. He's also picked up a new trick...he loves to make everyone laugh by going "Ahhhhhh!" {like he's totally refreshed} after taking a drink!
    • He goes down for bed between 7:00 - 7:30 pm and sleeps until 5:30 - 6:00 am. After a clean diaper and a bottle, he goes back to sleep until around 7:30 am. He's kinda like a little clock because his nighttime sleep schedule is very consistent.  Nap time...not so much. We have started putting him down in his crib in the morning and in the afternoon...it's just a toss up whether or not he'll actually sleep. Surprisingly, he's very content to play in his crib for 10-15 minutes. After that, he'll either fall asleep or demand we get him out {i.e. throw a fit!}.
    • Our little man doesn't like anyone to leave...and he's very well aware of when it's about to happen. He's recently started to cry when we leave in the mornings.  That's tough and really tugs at my heartstrings...but I know that he's totally happy and content at home with Maria because he also gets upset when it's time for her to leave in the evenings.
    • He has gotten pretty good at standing unassisted for short little phases {10 seconds or so}, but he hasn't shown much interest in walking on his own. A couple of times he's taken a single step from the couch or chair to the ottoman, but it's definitely not something he does on a regular basis. He's a master {and fast!} when it comes to walking behind his push toys. He can go in reverse, turn, and maneuver his pushable walker to get himself anywhere and everywhere he wants to go.
    • Speaking of getting anywhere and everywhere, we can't take our eyes off Baby H for even a second. He's into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! After we baby-proofed all of the cabinets in the kitchen, I thought it might be a good idea to let him have "his drawer" for when he was "helping" in the kitchen. It seemed totally harmless! The drawer contained plastic paper plate holders and a few pot holders...things that were fun for him to throw out on the floor, put back in the drawer and then repeat...762 times. Apparently that got boring pretty fast because this is the series of photos I got the next Monday when Daddy was home with the little man...
    • Oh...and he's also a climber! Another photo I got from a {different} Monday at home with Daddy...
    • While we're on the subject on Mondays with Daddy, we can't forget his first golf lesson...
    • Words he's saying: "MaMa," "DaDa," "out" and "dog."
    • He got two more teeth on the top this month for a total of SIX TEETH {two bottom, four top}.

    A few more things that took place during Huston's eleventh month...
    • We celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day...

    • He took his first dip in a swimming pool...

    Swimming with his buddy, Jack
    • Grandpa Ted came to visit...
    • Jenny came to visit...
    • He played with his buddy, Cameron...
    • We celebrated his first Fourth of July...

    • We got a swing for the back patio, and it became his favorite thing to do...
    • and Grammy came to visit...

    And now even more photos from Huston's eleventh month of life...

    Is that a look of innocence or mischief???
    Reading with Maria  6/16/2016
    Always golfing  6/18/2016
    Soooooooo BIG! 6/18/2016
    Summertime Wardrobe 6/30/2016
    Strollin'  7/6/2016
    Kisses for Momma 7/10/2016
    Just chillin'  7/11/2016

    Dear Huston,

    If there's anything to be said about your momma this month, it's that I am emotional. I barely held back the tears when I dropped your birthday invitations in the mail last week...and then there was nothing I could do to prevent the tears from falling when I started working on this blog post. I just don't even know where the time has gone! How in the world is my baby boy eleven months old?!!? However it happened, there's one thing for sure: it's been the most rewarding eleven months of our lives. A million times over!

    It's so very much fun to experience new things with you! You love to go outside and water the flowers with me in the evenings. Well, the part you love is splashing around in the stream of water from the hose...the wetter the both of us get, the happier you are! I've really come to love these moments...which is a total surprise to myself since I typically hate getting wet {especially my hair!}. However, hearing your sweet giggle and seeing that huge grin on your face when the water hits us makes it beyond worth it. I can't help but laugh at the little ways I've changed just because I'm your mom. There's no doubt about it, baby boy, you have made me a better person! 

    You are our pride and joy, little man. We love you with every fiber of our being...and then some more! Thank you for filling our lives with so much happiness!

    Love you always,


    1. After visiting this past weekend it is so amazing for me to watch you and Ryan and your parenting with baby H. He brings lots of joy to the "Martin" household but be prepared, "the best is yet to come". There is nothing like the love between a mother and her child! I knew one day you would understand. Love you.

    2. He is getting to be so big! I can hardly believe that he is going to be ONE next month. Wasn't he just born?!

    3. Standing and climbing! Big boy. R is just getting the hang of her walker, so it will be a bit before she's ready to walk, but it's coming! R doesn't seem to want her bottles lately either!

    4. I can't believe it's almost been a year!!!!!!!!!!! Time flies so fast!! I'm pretty sure Huston is having the best summer ever!! Love the golf lesson... and the climbing between the stools!!

    5. Wow almost a year! He is getting so big. Evie has a drawer and tends to try to get in it as well. She did not start really standing a lot or walking until 13 months so give it time. And girl I swear you are always somewhere or having company!

    6. How fun! His little personality is really starting to come out. I was totally emotional about my babies getting bigger too, especially with B knowing she was our last. It's so bittersweet to watch them grow up. Enjoy it all you can! Love you all!