Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Leslie Loves...{3.05}

Here we go...another edition of baby must-haves, so feel free to just click the "X" in the top right corner of your screen if you're not at an age/stage of your life to have an interest in these necessities.  However, I know hope there are people out there like me searching the world wide web high and low to find opinions from other mommas who have been there/done that and found products their babes can't live without {or at least make life a little easier!}.

These are our "MUST HAVES" for months six through nine...

  1. Baltic Amber Necklace: although I wasn't sure about it at first, I will now admit I'm a true believer in the amber necklace for teething. After talking with our pediatrician about it, H wears his amber necklace all the time except for when he's sleeping. The reduced level of drooling is visibly noticeable when he's wearing his amber necklace. Most babies need a 10-11 inch necklace. You don't want it to be too loose because the babe could get his/her hand stuck in it, making it a choking hazard.  You can also get bracelet/anklet size. The key is to make sure it is worn against the skin because the warmth of the skin releases the oils from the amber.
  2. Freshly Picked Moccasins: these are the only shoes we can keep on our little man's feet. H hates shoes and socks, but he doesn't seem to mind wearing these moccasins. We've had both the suede and the leather and love both. I know these are pricey for baby shoes, but the quality is exceptional. These are shoes that can most definitely be hand-me-downs to younger siblings! They're available at Nordstrom {free shipping!}, but if you pay attention {or sign up for email notifications}, you can catch them on sale for $45 at on occasion.
  3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: "Ring-a-ling...the animals sing!" I hear it over and over and over and over again...but it's ok because this thing keeps our babe entertained! H started playing with the front side of the walker {which is removable, so he could play with it flat on the floor} when he was 4-5 months old. He began pulling up to it around 7 months, and then he really started to push it between 8-9 months. The back wheels have two settings to control the speed.
  4. JJ Cole Bibs: when H first started eating solid foods, we were using cloth bibs and constantly having a laundry basket full of dirty bibs...and then I finally found these tucked away in his closet. Game changer! These bibs are made of laminated canvas, so they wipe clean with a wet cloth {or a little scrubbing with a dish brush for sticky or dried foods}. They have a solid snap closure {3 options for adjustable size}, so H can't pull it off himself. Another big plus is that they're wide enough to provide full coverage from shoulder to shoulder.
  5. Happy Knees Kneepads: the main level of our home is pretty much covered in hard wood floors or tile, so these kneepads were a necessity to protect Baby H's little knees when he started crawling.
  6. Itzy Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover: we started out with one of these, but now we have two so we can keep one in each car. Yes, I am a little bit of that crazy germ-a-phobe mom who doesn't want her baby touching the icky high chair covered in caked-on, sticky food from the 7,000 other babies who previously used it...but even more than that, I love that this soft, fluffy cover gives my little guy some comfort {especially from those thin shopping cart bars}.
  7. Wooden Blocks: a classic! While H doesn't use these to spell out words just yet {although he does love to mess up the words that Momma tries to spell!}, he loves to make lots of noise by banging them together {or on the floor}. These blocks are the perfect size for his little hands to hold {and throw}.
  8. Banana Toothbrush: this is the toothbrush our pediatrician recommended {no toothpaste needed yet}, and it's been a success! H wasn't too interested in it at first, but now he actually likes to "brush his teeth" {i.e. chew on the toothbrush}.
  9. Boon Bathtub Mat: the perfectly-sized mat to keep a slippery baby from sliding all over the bathtub. You can hang it from the shower head when you're not using it to prevent mildew.
  10. Bath Spout Cover: I used to think this was one of those temperature-regulating products, and I swore I'd never have one because surely I'm capable of detecting the appropriate temperature for my babe's bath water...shows how much I knew about baby bath products! Ha. Bathtub injuries from falling into/head hitting the tub spout are all too common, so this is a necessity in preventing those accidents!
  11. Stacking Rings: hands down, this has been H's favorite toy to-date. He's played with the rings since he could grasp them in his little hands. For the longest time, he'd just throw them and chase them. Now he's figured out how to stack them on the cone, and he is SO.PROUD when he gets them all in place...and then he dumps them off and starts all over again..and again...and again!
  12. Poly-Vi-Sol Vitamin Supplement: when H started transitioning to solid {pure├ęd} food, we switched to this vitamin supplement to ensure he gets enough vitamin D and all the other nutrients he needs.
  13. Board Books: our little guy is obsessed with books...especially pulling them all off the shelf and spreading them across the entire room! We love the board books at this stage because he can be as rough as he wants with them {including chewing on the pages}, and no damage is done!

    *The links above are to the online site where I found the product for the cheapest price as of July 6, 2016.

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What is your very favorite baby product?   

Please share with me your baby "loves"...all ages and stages!


  1. welcome to learning farm.... i can sing them all too! But she still loves it and is a walking girl. I think I may need to do the amber teething necklace as man these molars are the pits! Freshly picked are the The older they get the more toys to keep them busy.

  2. I think the amber necklace is a must for any baby since all 3 of my grandsons have had them.

  3. Such a great list! Thank you :) I need those bibs!