Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nine Month Photos

Yesterday I posted H's 11-month update, but today we're going to rewind a bit because I HAVE to share his 9-month photos. I knew we had plans to travel back to Kansas for Memorial Weekend, so I scheduled a photo session with Lacey {LuLu's Pictures} to capture a few three-quarters-of-a-year milestone images.  

I hope you can look past the blog watermark on the photos, but I just know you can never be too careful with images of your little one floating around on the world wide web. 

Photo Credit: LuLu's Pictures

A few of my favorites...

Although our little guy is too little to understand now, these photos with his Great-Granddad Huston {his namesake} will someday mean the world to him...

Huston's cousins, Nais and Mills, were in town for the weekend we were lucky enough to get a pic of the cousins together. Although we live in different states, it is my hope that these boys will be best friends as they grow up {probably giving us more gray hair than we'd like!}.

As always, THANK YOU to LuLu's Pictures for these priceless images to document our baby boy's first year and special family memories!