Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Just a little look into what I have been/am currently up to...

Feeling: every emotion in the book as we rapidly approach our baby boy's first birthday! How is it that he is going to be O.N.E. on Friday?!!? #BittersweetForMomma

Working on: anything and everything related to H's farm-themed birthday party. This non-crafty momma is giving it her best effort! #AnythingForThatLittleMan

Watching: the Olympics! Ok, ok...so I've only watched bits and pieces of the Olympics, but that swimming race between Lilly King and the Russian was pretty intense! #USA

Listening to: Kenny Chesney's new song featuring P!nk, "Setting the World on Fire." I'm loving it! I never would have expected this collaboration, but it's a pretty fabulous tune!  You can listen here.  #EverybodyLovesCountry

Celebrating: that my coworker passed Level 2 of the CFA exam! #CongratulationsKeaton

Enjoying: every single minute I can spend with my "baby" boy...he's going to be be a "toddler" before I know it! #SoakingItIn

Reading: my "to do" list that includes approximately 4,367 tasks...with approximately four checked off as completed.  #GetToWork

Anticipating: the arrival of our family this weekend as they come to celebrate H's big day! #TravelSafe

Loving: this crazy, chaotic stage of life that we're living right now. As cliché as it sounds, it is 110% true! Last week was one of those weeks when everything went wrong {sick baby, broken AC, flat tire, hit & run car accident, hot water heater went out...just to name a few}, but I realized somewhere in the midst of it all that I must be in a very good place because I didn't let any of it get to me {except for the roofers mauling my flowers...I cried over that!}. Like everyone else on the planet, we have good days and bad days...but the good FAR outweigh the bad. I wouldn't change a thing...except maybe add a couple hours to each day and figure out a way to slow down time! #RealLife

Thanking:  YOU for continuing to read this little bloggety-blog! 

What are YOU "currently" up to?


  1. One?! How is he turning one this week?! I love all of the little crafty things that you're doing for his birthday :)

  2. Cannot believe he is 1!! Well, almost 1. Soak it up, its all downhill from here... lol. And girl you had quite the week. Hope all is better now. xoxo

  3. The birthday stuff looks so cute!!!!! You did a great job!! What a week... Here's hoping this one is kinder to you, but way to keep the perspective!