Thursday, August 25, 2016

Leslie Loves...{3.06}

I had planned for my next "Leslie Loves..." post {i.e. this one} to be non-baby-related...but, once again, time got away from me, and I've got to get these items written down before I forget! #MomBrain  As a side note, if you think #PregnancyBrain goes away after you have the baby, think again, my friend! It's simply replaced by #MomBrain, a condition that significantly {negatively} affects the memory! Anyway, back to the subject at hand...

These are our "MUST HAVES" for months 9-12...

  1. Mirror Shapes Bath Toys: these bright-colored shapes with mirrors are H's favorite bath toys! They stick to the side of the tub/tile wall just like the foam letters {which he also loves}.
  2. Shape Sorter: of the 2,468 toys we have strung out across our living room, this is one that he plays with! At first he just liked to take off the lid and dump out the blocks, then he started putting them back in the bucket {without the lid}, and recently he's actually been making an effort to get the shapes through the right slot in the lid. {It's so fun to watch him learn!
  3. Little Tikes Snug 'n Secure Swing: as long as it's not raining, I can pretty much guarantee we will be outside swinging at some point during the day. H is very secure in the swing now with the shoulder straps that hook to the T-bar, and he still has plenty of room to grow.
  4. Bowls with Lids: now that he's a full-on solid food eater, we've got to take snacks with us anywhere and everywhere we go. We love these bowls because the lids are easy for us to pop on and off, but they're secure enough that we can hand a bowl full of Cheerios to H to play with {bang around and make lots of noise} and not worry about the lid coming off and spilling Cheerios everywhere. I will tell you that my 2.5-year-old nephew is capable of removing the lids though...just FYI! The size of these bowls is also great for warming up a baby-size serving of food or for storing leftovers in the fridge.
  5. KidCo Foam Edge and Corner Protector Kit: the majority of H's toys reside in our living room surrounding the fireplace, which has a granite slab that is about 18 inches high and extends out about two know, the perfect height for a babe to fall into and cut his head open/knock himself out. Thus, we found this sticky foam edging to soften the sharp edges. It comes in several colors to blend with whatever surface you're trying to prevent from causing bumps and bruises.
  6. Baby's First Photo Album: H received this soft-cover photo album for Christmas, but he's just now started to really enjoy/interact with it. It's full of bright-colored pages and shapes made of different fabrics and even includes some crinkly sound pages. It's filled with photos of family and friends...but H's favorite page is the one with Lily. When he gets to that page, he YELLS "Dog! Dog! Dog!" over and over and over again.
  7. Disposable Place Mats: these are perfect for restaurants, and I've found that they serve two purposes for us: 1) keeps the babe's food off of the {possibly} germy table, and 2) makes it easy to clean up the {possible} mess when H is done eating. 
  8. Sippy Cups: we've tried multiple sippy cups, and these three are the ones that work best for us. We introduced several cups when he was about six months old, and these were the only ones he liked for several months {our "starter cup"}. This is more of a transition cup, and it's worked like a charm for us for milk. It's tall and skinny similar to the shape of his bottles {and he uses it without the handles}. H has tried {and continues to try} everything possible to make this cup spill/leak, but so far he's been unsuccessful in those attempts {knock on wood!}. Now THAT is a selling point for a sippy cup if I've ever heard one! Lastly, it took H a little time to figure this one out, but it's by far his favorite now that he's got the hang of it. For the most part it doesn't leak...but some liquid will escape upon impact when it is launched across the room or thrown from the high chair {not that my child would ever do such a thing!}.

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What am I missing?

Please share with me your favorite baby products!


  1. Ah! I am checking out that foam slab RIGHT NOW. I was literally thinking yesterday that I need to look for something around our fireplace after I nailed my head on a corner crawling after R and it hurt like crazy. And I love the idea of disposable placemats. Thank you! Great stuff!

  2. My girls still love their 360 cups! We use them daily! Funny that most of these are also on my current "faves" list. ;)