Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Bucket List

Today is the first official day of fall, so I figured it was as good a day as any to write out my "Fall Bucket List."

Fall Bucket List

I'm not usually one to do seasonal bucket lists, but there are lots of things I'd like to do in the next couple of I thought listing them out on this little bloggety-blog just might hold me accountable {and force help me to actually find the energy} to check each thing off the list. Plus, we all know I love a good list! 

I know fall technically lasts until December 21, but I'm setting a December 1 deadline for this list because after that we'll need to move on to a whole new list {because visiting Santa and putting up Christmas lights just doesn't seem to fit on the "Fall" to do list!}.


  • Decorate the house for fall.  I usually can't wait to pull out my fall decor, but something about having a VERY mobile 13-month-old who LOVES to pull everything off counters/tables has kept me from doing it this year. Who am I kidding...we don't even have any coffee tables/end tables to decorate because we've put them all away to give the lil' man more room to play {it's his world, we just live in it!}. While it might have to be a modified version {less...likely much less!} of my usual fall decor, I'm determined to fall-ify our home in some way or another!
  • Visit the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum. We took H to this fabulous pumpkin patch last year when he was teeny tiny...pretty sure he'll enjoy it a little more this year.
Our visit to the Dallas Arboretum pumpkin patch, October 2015
  • Find the perfect pair of fall booties...and make them mine!
  • Go to the Texas State Fair. I haven't been to the state fair since the first year I moved to Dallas {8 years ago!}...I think it's high time for a funnel cake! 
  • Find/create a fabulous Halloween costume for Huston...that he won't hate wearing!
  • Attend a Halloween party.
  • Play and take photos in the fall leaves. I guess it'll be ok to get a little dirty...this one time...for Huston's sake!
  • Design and order holiday cards EARLY. I always get super-stressed the weekend after Thanksgiving trying to pick the design/layout, finalize the address list, etc. for our holiday cards. I vow My goal is to do it earlier this year...but I'm not 100% sure about this because I feel like there are usually great sales for holiday cards on Black Friday. Hmm...???
  • Win {at least} one week of my office college football pick 'em contest. Three weeks in, I'm currently sitting in 6th place {out of 37}. Of course my ultimate goal is to win the whole thing {duh!}, but I'd settle for winning just one week to cover the cost of my entry fee.
  • Bake something {anything!} pumpkin.
  • Make a fall craft. Is it wrong to include something on the "to do" list just because it's already be done???
  • Keep a gratitude journal throughout the month of November. And while I'm at it, I might as well send some notes of gratitude as well.
  • Find a unique {leather} gift for our 3rd wedding anniversary. Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome! 
  • Buy at least three Christmas gifts before December 1.

What's on your bucket list for Fall 2016?


  1. I love fall and I hope you fulfill all the items on your bucket list. Decorating is fun even if you don't have a coffee table or end tables. Huston will learn that they are "pretties". Hope coming home sometime during the fall is on your list. Love you, Mom & Grammy

  2. I need to make a list. And find something cotton for our anniversary.

  3. Those pumpkin patch pictures from last year are so cute!

  4. I've basically found that you can get cards for the same price in October, so watch for deals! If I get anything I'll send it your way!! Love the Arboretum during this time of year, too! I had to lol at the 13 month old who prevents fall decorating. Cutest reason not to decorate!! ;)