Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Barnyard Birthday Bash

It's been almost two months since H turned one, and I'm just now getting around to sharing some photos from his Barnyard Birthday Bash.  

I started having anxiety about brainstorming ideas for his first birthday party around the time he turned six months old. I was in a panic because I wanted it to be all about him, but I couldn't think of anything that he LOVED at that point in time. {Revelation: most 6-month-old babes don't LOVE anything in particular!} After paying close attention to how he reacted to the toys he played with and the books we read, I came to the conclusion that he was most responsive to all of the animal sounds in the "Barnyard Dance!" book...thus, the farm-themed birthday party idea was born!

Since we knew the party theme when we had his nine-month photos taken, I jumped on the opportunity to get some pics we could use for his birthday invitation...

 Huston's 1st Birthday Barnyard Bash

Farm Theme Party Food

The Spread
Feed Troughs: aluminum foil pie tins
Pitchforks & Shovels: forks & spoons {wrapped in napkin & tied with twine}
Vegetable Garden: red, yellow & green peppers; carrots; cherry tomatoes and cucumbers
Farm Fresh Eggs: deviled eggs
Chicken Littles: Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets
Pigs In a Blanket: little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls
Farm Fresh Poultry/Beef: barbecue turkey/brisket sliders
Horse Treats: potato chips
Hay Bales: Rice Krispies treats
Tractor Tires: Oreo cookies

Barnyard Birthday Party Food

Farm Party Birthday Cake, Barn Smash Cake, Farm Cake Table

We had a "Babies for Babies" petting zoo in our backyard, and it was definitely a hit amongst the tiny guests...

"Babies for Babies Petting Zoo"
Huston checking out the baby piglets, chicks, rabbits and goats

And then it was time for cake...

Even though H is too little to remember this extra special celebration, I hope that someday he'll look back at these pictures and see that it was a perfect day. I hope that he'll realize just how lucky he is to be surrounded by such incredible family and friends. I hope the photos will help him understand how truly loved he is by so many amazing people. 

Somehow we made it through the entire party and didn't get a pic of H with any of his grandparents...they were definitely there {and likely not pictured because they were the true "hosts" making sure the party ran smoothly so Momma and Daddy could enjoy celebrating with our little guy}. A BIG thanks to Grammy, Grandma Jo and Granddad Brock for all of your help!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our fabulous family and friends for making Huston's first birthday party a success! 


  1. I can't believe that was two months ago! Love the theme and all the photos.

  2. The party was a huge success and I think we had a lot of fun planning and also trying to keep momma Leslie calm. All in all, she along with everyone had an awesome time. Happy Birthday to our little man.

  3. The party was wonderful! All of your creative ideas and great planning made it such a success! Huston will love looking back at the pictures!

  4. What a great theme for a first birthday! Such creative ideas! Happy birthday to your sweet boy.

    The Lovely Latte

  5. OH EM GEE. Stop!!! This is the cutest thing ever! His little overalls! The petting zoo! So so so so cute!! Great job!!

  6. A petting zoo! That is such a fun idea. Really cute! Great job with everything :)

  7. So fun! Love seeing all the pics from his special day!