Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Voted...Did You?

Although every other aspect of my life seems to be flying by faster than the speed of light, this election season seems to have been dragging on FOR...EV...ER!

Election day is finally here.

Huston and I went and voted last week...during the last hour of the last day of early voting.  I failed to take a pic at the polls, but I did snap a quick pic of him wearing the "I voted" sticker {along with Momma's necklace} after we got home...

We voted!

I'm not one to post political opinions, and that's not what you'll see here today...but I do want to encourage you to exercise your right to vote. It's your civic duty!

Do your part...get out and vote!


  1. I voted the first day of early... and so glad I did!! Thanks for voting!

  2. We don't have early voting in Pennsylvania, but I was at the polls bright and early this morning! Now I'm glued to the TV watching the election coverage. Crazy day/night!