Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 22 Weeks

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 22 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!

Total weight gain:  I've gained a total of 16 lbs.

Stretch marks?: No visible stretch marks to date! 

Symptoms: I think I'm in the "Sweet Spot" of the second trimester. I can't think of any real symptoms other than a growing baby bump! I'm going to soak this up and enjoy it while it lasts!

Maternity clothes?:  For sure! Comfort is key! I'm happily realizing that I had some maternity clothes from the first go-round that are actually pretty cute. They fit a little differently this time around since the last time I was pregnant in July I was close to the end {35+ weeks}.

Sleep:  Aside from Huston's 5:00 am wake-up calls for breakfast {and then he very willingly goes back to sleep, thank goodness}, I've been sleeping well. I was even able to squeeze in a nap this past Sunday after I saw this sweet sight of both of my boys napping after they'd watched the ending of the British Open.

Mood: As our little family vacation nears, I'm becoming more and more "checked out" from work...and I know I've been grumpy {especially in the mornings!}. I know we're all ready for a little getaway from the realities of daily life. I'm hoping a little fun in the sun along with some rest and relaxation will be like hitting the refresh button...and put me in a much happier/lighter mood!

Movement: Our little dude is kicking/dancing around like a rock star in my belly. I think he has scheduled dance parties around 2:30 - 3:00 every afternoon and between 8:30 - 9:00 every evening.  Ryan was able to feel him move for the first time last Wednesday {right at 21 weeks}.

Cravings: One evening last week, I texted Ryan and told him he HAD to bring home BBQ for dinner because "that's what the baby wanted!" And it was the best brisket sandwich I've ever tasted! :)

Best Moment(s) of the Week: We spent some quality time with some good friends this past weekend. On Saturday evening, we went to visit the Roye family for dinner and check out their new home.  It was so fun to watch Huston and Cameron play together...we had several good laughs just watching them interact.  On Sunday morning, we met Rachael and Olivia for brunch at Breadwinners.  Again, it was fun to watch H and Olivia interact.  My favorite moment was when Huston gave Olivia "besos" {kisses} before we left. 

Worst Moment of the Week: This morning I locked Maria and Huston out of the house for nearly an hour! H sometimes gets upset when I leave for work, so I go out front with him and Maria to water the flowers as a distraction. Apparently when I slipped back into the house to leave through the garage this morning, I locked the front door behind me out of habit. Of course Maria's phone was inside the house, so she had no way to call me. Thank goodness our neighbors were home {who are gone 75% of the time}, so they were able to get in touch with me and hang out there until I could get home to let them in. Ugh...blaming this one on #PregnancyBrain

Looking Forward To: Vacation!!!

22 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 21 Weeks

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 21 Weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!

Total weight gain:  I haven't gained much weight the last couple of weeks...which is a blessing because I gained MORE than I should have in the weeks prior to that. I think I'm up about 15 lbs., which still exceeds where I should be but is right on track with where I was during my first pregnancy at this point in the game.

Stretch marks?: No stretch marks. I started using the Bio-Oil this past week in hopes of preventing any and all stretch marks...let's hope it works!

Symptoms: I think I'm just being whiny....but my lower back has been aching a bit in the evenings. My method of treatment: relaxing {after H goes to bed!} in a bath with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts...and it seems to be curing my ails.  

Maternity clothes?:  Yep! All day, every day! It's gotten ridiculously H.O.T. in Texas, and I'm definitely not going to make myself uncomfortable by trying to squeeze into tight clothes. I've got a pretty decent selection of summer maternity clothes since H was born in August...but I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be wearing when the weather turns cool here in November!

Sleep:  Sleep comes easy...just can't seem to get enough of it!  

Cravings: Candy...and all kinds of sweets! However, I don't think these cravings are pregnancy-specific. I've been a candy/dessert addict for as long as I can remember!

Mood: I don't think I've had time for any crazy mood swings over the last few weeks. Between being swamped at work and chasing after a B.U.S.Y. toddler at home {who tries to push back his bed time by a few minutes each night}, I feel like I'm just going with the flow most of the time...and I feel like I'm handling it pretty well. Perhaps the husband might disagree with that...but I haven't personally noticed any big spikes in my mood!

Best Moment of the Week: We talk about baby brother a lot with H, and he's finally gotten to the point he understands "brudder" is growing in Momma's tummy {he was telling us "brudder" was in HIS tummy about 50% of the time when we'd ask}. My heart nearly exploded the other day when we asked him about his baby brother...he ran up to me and started patting my belly while saying, "Love Brudder!" Sweetest.Thing.Ever!

Looking Forward To: Deciding on a name for our little guy. Last night when Ryan was talking to the babe before we went to bed, he apologized to him that we haven't picked a name I think we really need to get to work on that!

21 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 20 Weeks

We've made it to the halfway point! 

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 20 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: We're still working on it! Just like with Huston, there's one that we keep coming back to, but we aren't quite 100% set on it yet. I think I mentioned last week that we've been going through family trees on both sides trying to find something unique and fitting for our little man. 

Total weight gain:  ~15 change from last week.

Stretch marks?: None that I've been...but I finally remembered to order the Bio-Oil that I used during my pregnancy with Huston, so I'm going to start lathering up with that each night with hopes it will prevent stretch marks again this time!

Symptoms: The bump is B.I.G!  It is now 125% obvious that I am pregnant. 

Maternity clothes?:  For sure! 

Sleep:  I'm sleeping well these days. Sometimes I get hot during the night and move to the couch where I can be directly beneath the A/C vent.  Huston has been waking us up extra early in the mornings {5:00 am} because he's hungry and wants "Pancakes! Toast! Leche!" The kid has to be going through a growth spurt or something because he'll eat some breakfast and then be content to go back to sleep for a little bit before rising for the day ahead. 

Cravings: For the first time ever, Ryan had to make a run to the grocery store to satisfy one of my pregnancy vines licorice! I had seen someone eating it over the 4th of July holiday weekend, and the craving finally peaked to the point I.HAD.TO.HAVE.IT! 

Food Aversions: Nothing that I can think of!

Mood: Giggly! There is something about pregnancy that makes me laugh things I normally wouldn't even find that funny. It's quite comical though...when I find myself wiping tears from my eyes because I'm laughing so hard while Ryan is trying to figure out what could be so humorous.  

Best Moment of the Week: I received the sweetest package in the mail from one of my dearest friends...a request to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Of course I said yes...and we can't wait to celebrate with Kelli and Corby in Mexico next summer!

Worst Moment(s) of the Week: Huston had a fever for several days in a row...but no other symptoms. After many phone consultations with the nurse, we finally took him in to see Dr. Diana on Friday...and he didn't have any fever at the time of the visit. She determined it must have been something viral and he was probably on the tail end of it. We made it through the next 36 hours with no fever, and then it spiked back up {not terribly high, but 102.0}. Thus, we were back in Dr. Diana's office on Monday. This time she thought it must be a sinus infection because he had lots of drainage in his throat, so we went home with a prescription for antibiotics.  He hasn't had a fever since Monday, so hopefully that sickness is in our rear-view mirror!

Miss Anything?: Not going to lie, I wouldn't mind a little Saturday brunch with bottomless mimosas. 

Looking Forward To: Still looking forward to our little getaway trip coming up in a couple of weeks.  It will be nice to have some family time along with a little R&R!

20 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 19 Weeks

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 19 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY! Although we've known it's a boy for several weeks now {since the genetics lab work at 11 weeks}, it was confirmed this week during the anatomy scan sonogram appointment. Our little man was bopping around and putting on quite a show throughout the entire sonogram. We took Huston with us to the appointment so he could see "Baby Brudder" on the screen and make it a little more real for him.

Name: We've been going through family trees and talking to our grandmothers to see if there are any unique family names we might want to use for our babe.  We've got a couple that we like, but we're still searching/brainstorming.

Total weight gain:  ~15 lbs.

Stretch marks?: None that I can see. 

Symptoms: I've noticed some aching and a bit of tingling in my legs toward the end of the day. This is likely because I sit at a desk most of the day {and I really noticed it after I'd been sitting in a vehicle for the loooooong drive to Kansas this past weekend}. The nurse explained to me that my blood is thicker during pregnancy, so I need to be drinking PLENTY of water and be active/walk around at least once every hour because these symptoms can become dangerous.

Maternity clothes?: For sure! Maxi dresses are my saving grace during these hot summer days!

Sleep:  I'm definitely lacking on sleep these days, but it has nothing to do with the pregnancy. Not only is Huston off-schedule from our recent travel to Kansas, but he's been sick this week with a he's been very needy of his momma, especially during the evening and nighttime hours!

Cravings: Fruit...especially the delicious Cotton Candy Grapes I recently found at Central Market. They legit taste like cotton candy...SO DELICIOUS! Also still eating lots of cereal and toast...for every meal!

Food Aversions: None.

Mood: I've been feeling very happy and grateful. We traveled back to Kansas this past weekend to spend some time with Ryan's family. We also got to spend one day with my brother's family and my mom. We couldn't be more grateful for time spent with the people we love the most. Seeing Huston interact with his grandparents and cousins just melts my heart. We may live hundreds of miles apart, but we are committed to making sure our boys have close relationships with our families. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: In addition to spending time with our families and friends in Kansas, we also got to see this sweet baby boy on the sonogram screen this week. To see and hear his little heart beat at a strong and healthy rate was pure music to our ears. We were able to see his little profile and catch glimpses of his hands and feet. He's estimated to weigh about 0.9 ounces {the size of a tomato, if you like to keep track via fruit/veggie size!}

Miss Anything?: cold deli sandwiches and hot dogs! You know, the traditional meals of summer! 

Looking Forward To: a little family getaway coming up in a few weeks.

19 Week Bumpdate