Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 27 Weeks

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 27 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!

Total weight gain:  I haven't stepped on the scale since last week. I guess I'll find out at next week's OB appointment.

Stretch marks?: None that I can see!

Symptoms: A few nights ago I'm pretty sure this tiny baby boy was laying directly on my bladder...or at least it felt like that. I would go to the bathroom, and then approximately 2.5 minutes later, it felt like I needed to go again. Thank goodness he shifted because that wasn't much fun!

Maternity clothes?:  All day, every day. I've noticed my feet have been swelling a bit toward the middle of the afternoon when I wear heels, so don't be surprised when you see me in flats/sandals 85% of the time!

Sleep:  Sleep comes easy and is good...when Huston allows it! Big brother hasn't been sleeping very well since he started "school" a few weeks ago {separation anxiety??}, so it seems like Momma ends up sleeping on the couch with him or falling asleep in the rocking chair at some point every.single.night. We're really going to focus on transitioning to his big boy bed in the next week or so, and I'm praying that helps him get back to sleeping all night every night!

Cravings:  Gimme ALL the fruit! Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, apples, oranges...I cannot get enough. We're making frequent runs to the grocery store to stay stocked up on fruit since Huston and I both eat it like it was going out of season...oh wait, we are getting close to the end of "good fruit season." This is concerning to me!

Workouts: Ha! 

Best Moment of the Week: Our family getaway to San Diego! Last Friday, Huston and I flew to San Diego to meet Ryan {he'd been out there since Wednesday for work}. I was so nervous to get through security with a toddler {since I have to opt out of the x-ray machine being pregnant and they've always made me do the full pat-down when traveling alone}, but they just let H and I walk through the metal detector like we owned the place. It was much easier than I expected {thank you, Lord....because believe me, I'd been praying about it!}.  Anyway, H did really well on the flight {both to and from}, much to this momma's relief! We visited the San Diego Zoo, spent some time with Ryan's aunt and uncle, and experienced Huston's first beach/ocean adventure. It was a fabulous weekend!

This little man did exceptionally well on the flights!

Someone was excited to be reunited with Daddy!

Ob-SESSED with Gee-raffs!

Huston's first trip to the beach/ocean

Mood: A little bit of everything: happy, anxious, stressed, grateful...all in an hour's time!

Nursery: I've started looking online for bedding ideas...does that count?

Movement: Our little man is on the move more often than not...and his kicks/jabs are becoming more obvious from the outside. You can see the surface of my skin move most of the time when he's wiggling all around.  

Wedding Rings:  On.

Belly Button: In.

Looking Forward To: Hearing the little guy's heart beat at our monthly OB appointment next week.  Oh!...and I'm also excited to have Lindsay and Travis come visit us over the long Labor Day weekend!

27 Week Bumpdate

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