Friday, October 6, 2017

Bumpdate 2.0: 32 Weeks

Due Date: December 1, 2017

How far along?: 32 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!

Name: Sterling Alan

Total weight gain:  I'm not stepping on the scale until I have to at next week's OB appointment. We've now graduated to OB check-ups every two weeks, so I'll be well aware of the weight gain in the coming weeks!

Stretch marks?: None that I've seen. 

Symptoms: Geographic Tongue. I wouldn't have had a clue about this or even known to look for it, but I happened to notice my tongue looked a little odd when I was trying to look at my throat to see if it was swollen/inflamed. Anyway, I noticed that my tongue looked like it had a map on it with several little bumps on the sides {no pain at all}. At this point I vaguely remembered getting my teeth cleaned during my pregnancy with Huston and the hygienist asking me if I'd ever been told I had "geographic tongue." I kind of freaked out about it because that was the first I'd ever heard...but then I totally forgot about it. Fast forward to now, and I googled "geographic tongue while pregnant" and found out that it's a pretty common symptom. Like last time, it should go away when my hormones go back to normal after the baby is born.   

Maternity clothes?:  What else?!!? All day, every day! Comfort is king these days!

Sleep:  Sleep has been minimal this past week with lots of factors coming into play: Daddy out of town for work trip, Huston being sick and needing extra cuddles and attention from Momma {especially at bedtime and any time he wakes up in the middle of the night, which has been much more frequent than usual!}, and me being under the weather myself. Needless to say, I most definitely wouldn't complain if I could catch a few additional hours of sleep in the coming days!

Cravings:  Animal crackers! I bought these to pack in H's lunches for school, but it turns out he "no likey!" Soooo...Momma has been eating them non-stop!

Best Moment of the Week: Huston and I decided to welcome the Fall 2017 season by visiting Storybook Ranch's pumpkin patch...

Worst Moment of the Week: I've been sick with a sore throat/cough/congestion most of this week. Poor lil' Huston was sick at the beginning of the week too. And this all happened while Daddy was out of town for a work trip! I tried to go to work Monday morning, but I ended up leaving mid-morning to go home and try to sleep for a couple of hours {while Maria was there} before Huston's doctor appointment. I rested for a bit, and then we went to see Dr. Diana. They did a strep and flu test on the little guy, both of which came back negative. His throat was red and inflamed, but they determined it was just our only solution was to continue treating the fever/aches/pain with Tylenol and Motrin. After H's appointment, we stopped by Dr. Jacoby's office because I had this fear I was getting a UTI...which I knew would require lab work before I could get any medication and I wanted to do that while I was in the area. Lucky for me, they squeezed me into Dr. Jacoby's schedule, and he looked at my throat too.  He prescribed me meds for the cough and the possible UTI and sent us on our way. Huston was much better by Tuesday, not so much! I called Dr. Jacoby this morning to let him know the cough was getting worse, so we're going to try different medicine. It's so hard to be sick...but especially when you're pregnant and can't take most medications. Oh well...this too shall pass...that's what I keep telling myself!  

Mood: Overwhelmed. It hit me that this baby boy is arriving in 55-ish days...and we have SO.MUCH.TO.DO! I think this realization spurred a bit of panic and anxiety along with total excitement to meet the little man. One thing is for sure, we're going to start taking the "To Do" list a lot more seriously...and getting things checked off!

Movement: He's still moving around quite a lot in there, so he must still have some room. Huston is now obsessed with listening to his heart beat with the Doppler fetal monitor, so we do that most evenings. It's amazing to me how responsive the tiny babe is to voices. It's like he knows when conversation is being directed at him {especially from Daddy and big brother}, and he gives us some BIG kicks and jabs to let us know he's listening and responsive!

Wedding Rings:  On.

Belly Button: In.

Looking Forward To: The arrival of his bedding and transitioning the nursery into "Sterling's room." 

32 Week Bumpdate

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