Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Leslie Loves...{Stocking Stuffers for Him}

Looky, Looky...I'm back with another post, so I can officially call this a "series" of holiday gift guides, right?!!?

Am I the only person who thinks that guys are incredibly hard to buy for? Could it possibly be because they tend to buy what they want/need whenever they want/need it? And does it seem like they specifically do this right around the time you want to buy them a gift? 

Well, I've brainstormed, scoured the internet and conducted a few surveys {very official, let me tell you!} to try to make shopping for the men in your life a little easier/less anxiety-inducing than in years past! Let's get right to it...

Stance No-Show Socks: A good pair of no-show socks is hard to find...and these are good! They don't slip down off your heels and scrunch up under your foot in your shoe. 

Dad and Kid Socks: These are really great dress socks in general...but you have no idea how much the little guy will LOVE matching Daddy! It's priceless!

2UNDR Boxer Briefs: It blows my mind how expensive men's underwear is, but my normally fiscally conservative husband {i.e. penny pincher} assures me that quality underwear is well worth the investment. This brand is one of his favorites. 

Instant Cocktail Cubes: Just drop a single cube into a shot of vodka/splash of water to make a quick Old-Fashioned, Manhattan or Moscow Mule.  If he prefers a lighter cocktail, try this trio to make a Mojito, Cosmo or Mint Julep.

Shower Beer Holder: A little silly, a lotta fun! And if I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine or sip on some bubbly in the bath, then he should be able to have a cold beer in the shower.

Engraved Apple Watch Band: You can't beat the look of a leather band on an Apple Watch. I love that the engraved initials and/or the message on the inside make this such a personalized gift. Available in black, brown and tan.

New Phone, Who Dis? A hilarious adult party game. 

Wireless Meat Thermometer: The perfect gift for the grilling master! This is a newer model of the one that Ryan uses, and the only complaint he's ever had with his thermometer is that he wishes he could monitor it on his phone/app. This updated version does just that...and also comes with two additional probes.  If you don't care about the phone/app availability and only need two probes, I can attest {via the master chef in our home} that this model works incredibly well.

Peeps Glasses Cleaner: This is the perfect tool to clean your sunglasses {or regular glasses} without scratching the lenses. It would be great to leave in a vehicle...where you always seem to notice how dirty your sunglasses are but never have the right cloth to clean them!
Gaiter Face Mask: This is the type of mask that Ryan prefers to wear. He joked this summer that it was actually a benefit to get to wear it because it protected his neck and face from the sun...and now that winter is rolling around, these gaiter masks will keep him warm! These come in a variety of colors. We buy them in packs of six {because ain't nobody got time to be doin' laundry every night!}.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer: This is one of the very few sanitizers I've found that doesn't leave your hands sticky and smelling like alcohol. Plus, it contains aloe vera so it isn't as drying as other sanitizers. The best thing about this line is that it fits perfectly in a pocket and contains 500+ sprays.

Portable Charger: There seem to be at least a million portable chargers out there, so I took some time to do a little research...and every resource kept pointing back to this one. If you're looking for something a little more compact and don't need the rapid recharge speed, this model may be a better {and cheaper!} option.

No-Fog Shower Mirror: Ryan has had this exact mirror for 4.5 years now {the date I bought it popped up when I found it on Amazon}, and it is still going strong.  That says a lot given that two little boys have had their little fingers all over it and dropped it at least 2,476 times.

Poo-Pourri: I don't think there is a man in this world who doesn't have a need for this!

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