Thursday, November 19, 2020

Leslie Loves...{Stocking Stuffers for Kids}

Happy Thursday, Friends! I feel like I'm really on a roll here...Post #3 of the Christmas Gift Guide series. 

I pretty much stuck with my knowledge base on this one. I tried to keep it gender neutral, but this list is probably ideal for kids aged 3-8ish. Of course there are things on the list that younger and older kids would love and/or get use out of...but I'll admit that the list as a whole is sort of designed around the life phase I am living {because let's face it, it's our kids' world and we're just living in it!}. I hope a few of these ideas will make your shopping a little easier!

Crayola Bath Bombs: Our boys typically prefer showers...and they like to stay in there FOR-EV-ER. Needless to say, baths are a quicker option...excluding the time it takes to battle/convince them to take a bath rather than a shower. That is when these little bath bombs save the day! Both boys will happily take a bath if I offer up a bath bomb. {It's not bribing, just negotiation!}

Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner: If your child has any type of skin sensitivity, this is your solution! I am devastated because they are discontinuing this line of kids bath products, so STOCK.UP.NOW {at a discounted price!}. If you don't have a need for all three products, you can buy them individually {we use the shampoo and body wash interchangeably}: Body Wash, ShampooConditioner.

Kids Hydro Flask and Inchbug Labels: I know these are expensive for a kid's water bottle, but the way they hold up to the wear and tear of daily toddler use makes them worth every penny! Both of our boys have these for school, and their water is still cold at the end of the day. My favorite part: they're dishwasher safe! The Inchbug Labels are the best way I've found to make sure these expensive water bottles make it home! With no chance the label will come off like stickers or rub off like markers, it minimizes the possibility of the water bottle getting lost. I rarely remove the labels, just leave them on when running the Hydro Flask through the dishwasher.

Tetris Puzzle: Challenging fun for a wide age range of kids {and adults too}.

Paint by Sticker Book: Keep them busy with this fun, educational art activity book.

Personalized Flashlight: All kids love flashlights...make it even cooler by adding their name! 

Runaway Alarm Clock: The perfect gift for your hard-to-wake kid! Available in several colors.

Socks {Boys} {Girls}: There's no better time than Christmas to re-stock the essentials. Might as well throw some underwear {boys} {girls} in there too!

Battery-Powered Toothbrush and Flavored Floss: make brushing their teeth fun!

Card Games: So many options for family game nights, including UnoGo FishMemoryGuess WhoOld Maid.

Table Topics for Kids: This is a great way to get your kids talking...and they LOVE having the power of picking a card to get the conversation started. This kids set comes with 40 questions. If you're looking for additional questions designed to get your kids to participate in the conversation, try Table Topics for Families, which comes with 135 questions.

Sunglasses: These sunglasses look like the cool ones the grownups wear...and they even come with a cloth cleaning case!  The frames are flexible {ear pieces can literally be bent all the way out} and the lenses are scratch-proof. They come in so many colors and four different sizes. We've had great success with these sunglasses: Huston has not broken his, and it took Sterling almost a full year to break his {that is saying a lot!!!}.

Under the Sea Craft/Sewing Kit: This is probably better suited for slightly older kids {I'd trust Huston (5) with the beginners sewing needles; Sterling (almost 3)...not so much!}. What a fun activity to simultaneously encourage problem-solving and creativity! Other sets available: Farm Animals, Dinosaurs, Jungle Animals.

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What other Gift Guides would you like to see?

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